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A number of reports, analysis and investigations into topics related to water leak detection and damage management services we deliver locally.

Artex Ceiling

Artex and Textured Coatings – Possible Asbestos Risks

This article about artex and asbestos is a guide to help raise awareness of the possible risks – if you need help with asbestos, contact a professional such as ourselves for help and advice. Asbestos is a hazardous substance which, if is found in materials (particularly if it is disturbed) can cause serious health risks… Read More »Artex and Textured Coatings – Possible Asbestos Risks

Pressure Drying

Pressure Drying – Advanced Solution Benefits

As well as being local leak detection specialists in the York area, Rainbow Restoration is a Water Damage Restoration company, and one of the services we offer is Pressure Drying, which is sometimes called injection drying, which we will explain further in this article. Pressure Drying is an advanced drying solution utilising specialist drying equipment… Read More »Pressure Drying – Advanced Solution Benefits