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2024 Q1 Report – Temperature and Humidity in York

This is the quarterly report detailing the temperature and humidity in York for 2024 Q1 (January to March), using our own bespoke remote monitoring equipment, we track three months of weather focusing seasonal variances vs other meteorological period of the year.

We measure, graph and compare indoor and outdoor hygrometer readings throughout this quarter in which temperatures dropped well below zero again. We evaluate details, averages, highs and lows seen across the period. This is a quarter where temperatures remained low, at a time of year when water leak detection services commonly see increased demand.

Historical reports we have produced are in a separate hygrometer section of our blog – you can see last month’s Temperature and Humidity in York – December 2023 report

Temperature and Humidity in York 2024 Q1
Temperature and Humidity in York – 2024 Q1

Let’s start with the headline figures and a summary for 2024 Q1:

  • 2024 Q1 was cold again in York, with average outdoor temperature at just 7.0°C
  • This was more so in January, as expected, with temps being below freezing
  • The max outdoor temperature in York was 15.0°C and the minimum was -4.2°C
  • The high temperature occurred on February 15th in the mid-afternoon
  • This gave an outdoor range (between high and low) of 19.2°C
  • The average indoor temperature was at 17.7°C (aided by central heating)
  • The maximum indoor temperature in York was 20.1°C and the minimum was 14.5°C
  • The high at just after midnight on 3rd February 2024
  • Clearly, the minimum indoor temperature was above the high for outdoors
  • This leads to an indoor range of just 5.6°C which is significantly narrower

Temperature Chart York 2024 Q1
Temperature in York for 2024 Q1

The chart trend above shows the full, detailed measurements taken across the full quarter, from which the 2024 Q1 highs, lows, range and averages were measured. It shows daily variances and changes in temperature with highs commonly during the day and lows during the night. As we covered earlier, the temperatures at the start of the new calendar year were comparable to the ending weeks of 2023 into 2024.

On this graph, you can clearly see the outdoor temperature peak in York in mid February. Albeit other days did come close to those levels. Equally, the lowest temperature in Mid January 2024.

Again, as experienced previously, the indoor temperatures stayed within a very relatively narrow (and warm) temperature band. Undoubtedly, this was supported by the central heating (and thermostat) controlling that.

Humidity in York – 2024 Q1

Humidity in York 2024 Q1
Humidity in York – 2024 Q1

Here are the key points from the humidity readings from York in 2024 Q1:

  • 2024 Q1 had an average outside relative humidity of 84.9%
  • This is slightly below the levels we ended 2023 with
  • The peak outdoor humidity in York was 99% and the minimum was 51%
  • This means an outdoor range (between top and bottom) of 48%
  • As per usual, lower humidity generally was when temperatures were higher
  • The average indoor relative humidity was, as expected, lower at 63.0%
  • The lowest indoor humidity in York was 36% and the highest was 63%
  • This means an indoor range of just 27% which is also less than outdoor

On this, see our guide that explaining how to Reduce Humidity in a House

Humidity Chart York 2024 Q1
Humidity in York – 2024 Q1

The trended chart above shows the informative data set from which 2024 Q1 highs, lows, range and averages were evaluated. As commonly experienced, outdoor relative humidity was lower across the quarter but, in places came close to indoor levels, especially in March 2024.

This time of year often corresponds with increased demand for Damp and Mould Problems

Temperature Ranges in York – 2024 Q1

Temperature Distribution York 2024 Q1
Temperature Distribution – York 2024 Q1

As you can see above, the inside temperature measurements taken from the hygrometer measurements for 2024 Q1 are very closely grouped with over 60% of the readings being at 18°C (rounded to the nearest degree). In a noticeable contrast, the outside readings are not only significantly more widely spread across a much wider range but barely overlap with the comparative indoor readings.

This is also repeated somewhat similarly with the relative humidity readings, with indoor being lower most often, although there is more of an overlap than seen for the temperatures:

Humidity Distribution - York, 2024 Q1
Humidity Distribution in York, 2024 Q1

Temperature and Humidity by Time of Day – 2024 Q1

The final set of interesting data for 2024 Q1 compares at how different times of day affect indoor and outdoor readings taken by the hygrometer data trackers. The four regular groups are:

  • Morning – 6am to Noon
  • Afternoon – Noon to 6pm
  • Evening – 6pm to Midnight
  • Night – Midnight to 6am

Hygrometer Range (Time of Day) 2024 Q1
Hygrometer Range (Time of Day) – 2024 Q1

As you would normally experience, the afternoon was generally the warmer part of the day in York during 2024 Q1 with the night and following morning being the colder, with evening readings fractionally warmer on average vs the morning. This was generally the opposite of relative humidity for the reasons mentioned previously.

We can assist you with the following:

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If you have a water leak contact and are interested in our trace and access services within Yorkshire our local friendly and experienced team for help.

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Rainbow Restoration – Leak Detection

What was the temperature in York in Q1 2024?

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There was a significant difference comparing temperatures in York for the first quarter of 2024 although, as you’d expect, January was coldest. The highest temperatures locally was 15.0 degrees Celsius with an average for the overall month of 7.0 degrees. The readings were taken by our own local York weather monitoring station in the outskirts of York (not in the city centre).

At Rainbow Restoration – York & Yorkshire Coast we are experts in Leak Detection, including business or commercial water leaks, so if you need help finding a water leak or getting your property back to normal after a water damage or a flood, get in touch with our friendly local team who will be happy to help you with this. We are based in York and help with leak detection services in York.

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