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August 2023 Report – Temperature and Humidity in York

This is the second of a new set of hygrometer reports which we’re developing which, using our own bespoke remote monitoring equipment, we track a full month of weather focusing on the relative humidity and temperature in York, this time covering August 2023.

We will examine and compare indoor and outdoor hygrometer readings throughout this peak summer month and select highlights, averages, highs and lows seen across the month during the month. These readings are similar in nature to those shown in our article about how to reduce humidity.

Historical reports we have produced are in a separate hygrometer section of our blog – you can see last month’s Temperature and Humidity in York – July 2023 report

Temperature and Humidity York - August 2023
Temperature and Humidity in York – August 2023 Stats

Let’s start with the headline figures and a summary:

  • August 2023 another fairly cool month in York, with average outdoor temperature at just 17.4°C
  • This is even lower than the previous month in what many consider the peak summer month
  • The maximum outdoor temperature in York was 27.5°C and the minimum was 8.8°C
  • This means an outdoor range (between the top and bottom) of 18.7°C
  • The average indoor temperature was a little higher at 21.6°C
  • The maximum indoor temperature in York was 24.8°C and the minimum was 19.1°C
  • This gives an indoor range of just 5.7°C which is much narrower (as expected)

Temperature York - August 2023
Temperature Chart York – August 2023

The graph above shows the full, detailed set of readings across the whole month, from which the August 2023 highs, lows, range and averages were calculated. It highlights the daily cycles of temperature variances with (as you would anticipate) highs during the day and lows overnight. Such information is invaluable for us providing water damage repairs in York as it can especially have implications for drying homes and businesses across the different seasons of the year.

On this chart, you can clearly see the outdoor temperature peak in York on 10th August in the afternoon. Equally, the lowest temperature late in the month on the morning of 31st August.

You can see the indoor temperatures were on average slightly higher and that the trends of warmer and colder days in York in August 2023 generally follows for indoors and outdoors.

Humidity in York – August 2023

Humidity York - August 2023
Humidity in York – August 2023

Here are the headlines from the relative humidity readings from York in August 2023:

  • August 2023 had an average outdoor relative humidity of 71.9%
  • This is slightly higher than July, as August was generally a wetter month
  • The highest outdoor humidity in York was 94% and the minimum was 42°C
  • This means an outdoor range (between the top and bottom) of 52%
  • As seen before, lower humidity happened when temperatures were higher
  • As we have covered elsewhere, warm air has a higher capacity to hold moisture
  • The average indoor relative humidity was lower at 59.4%
  • The maximum indoor humidity in York was 68% and the minimum was 51%
  • This gives an indoor differential range of just 17% which is narrower

On the topic of temperatures and humidity, see our post explaining how to stop mould in houses.

Humidity York August 2023
Humidity Chart York – August 2023

The diagram above shows the charted data set from which the August 2023 highs, lows, range and averages were formulated. The outdoor relative humidity is higher in general in part because temperatures are lower but also because it is more exposed to rain and other precipitation, which can increase humidity too.

We discuss this in more detail in our interesting article explaining what is condensation.

Temperature Ranges in York – August 2023

Temperature Range York August 2023
Temperature Range York, UK – August 2023

Above, we referenced the comparison between indoor and outdoor temperature ranges in August 2023 and the graphs above help to demonstrate this. As you can see, the outdoor (top chart) readings were in a wider range than the equivalent indoor (bottom chart) readings, this is to be expected.

The range chart below helps to explain this further:

Temperature Distribution York August 2023
Temperature Distribution – York (August 2023)

Clearly, the indoor temperature readings taken from the hygrometer readings for August 2023 are more tightly grouped with 45-50% of the temperature readings being at 20°C or 21°C (the numbers are rounded to the nearest degree). In contrast, the outdoor readings are far more widely spread.

This is repeated similarly with the relative humidity readings:

Humidity Distribution York August 2023
Humidity Distribution – York, August 2023

Temperature and Humidity by Time of Day – August 2023

The ultimate set of informative data for August ’23 compares at how the different times of day affect both indoor and outdoor readings taken by the hygrometer data loggers. The four groups are:

  • Morning – 6am to Noon
  • Afternoon – Noon to 6pm
  • Evening – 6pm to Midnight
  • Night – Midnight to 6am

Hygrometer Range - August 2023
Hygrometer Range (Time of Day) – August 2023

As you would predict, usually the afternoon was the hottest part of the day in York during August 2023 with the night-time being the coolest, morning and evening were more similar, with evening readings being fractionally warmer on average vs the morning. This was the inverse of relative humidity for the reasons explained earlier.

We can assist you with the following:

Temperature and Humidity Measurement – Other Useful Information

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Rainbow Restoration Leak Detection
Rainbow Restoration – Leak Detection

What was the temperature in York in August 2023?

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For a summer month, the temperature and humidity in York were disappointing vs what you’d expect at this time of year. It was a cooler and cloudy month, accompanied with plenty of rainfall. The maximum temperatures measured locally was 27.5 degrees Celsius with an average for the full month of 17.4 degrees. These readings were taken by our own local York weather monitoring station in the suburbs of York (not the city centre).

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Temperature and Humidity in York - August 2023 Report