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Fire and Flood Restoration – a Great Deal More Too

Rainbow Restoration – York & Yorkshire Coast are based in York, North Yorkshire and have been proudly serving our community for over 20 years. We are a local company with the backing and support of a national chain of branches covering the whole of the UK all year round.

We have experienced and qualified staff working across the region, and pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service and on being professional, reliable and friendly! Whether that is for fire and flood or any of the other services we offer.

As experts in Fire and Flood Damage Management, we are here in your time of need. So if you have a had a fire, flood or water leak and need help and advice, we can help. On the subject of fires, we have a great article explaining the different fire classifications and regarding flooding, our Christmas flood safety page.

We also have a fire triangles explanation, with various useful examples and diagrams and a really useful guide to common causes of electrical fires.

Cleaning Services - Fire & Flood, York and Yorkshire
Cleaning Services – Fire and Flood

Services Additional to Fire and Flood

As well as fire and flood restoration services, we also offer a range of additional services for homes and businesses across the region including:

All these are available to both domestic and commercial customers in the area. Our services compliment each other well too, as do our fire and flood skills. For example, if you have water leak, it can be accompanied by mould, we can help with both. Other companies who only do leak detection do not have this diverse experience.

Remember, our front-line staff are qualified British Damage Management Association (BDMA) technicians and are fully vetted. We work for many of the UK’s leading insurance companies and other national organisations. They trust us to help their customers (and not just on fire and flood work) and so can you.

Additional Services - Local
Additional Services – Local, York and Yorkshire

Water Leak Detection

Rainbow Restoration has developed a bespoke leak detection service designed to help find water leaks in your home or business, using a thorough tried and trusted process. This is another service on top of our fire and flood work.

Wherever possible, we utilise non-destructive methods to find leaks, and tailor our service to each property and customer that we are working with. Our goal is to maximise the chances of finding leaks with the minimum disruption possible.

We don’t come into your property and simply start taking up floors and walls or digging holes hoping to find a leak, we use professional leak detection equipment and tools.

Leak Detection Methods we Use

  • Moisture Mapping – with various, highly-sensitive moisture meters
  • Acoustic Listening – to spot the tell-tale sound of a water leak or drips
  • Thermal Imaging – to help hot or cold water leak thermal traces
  • Pipe Tracing – to help track pipes hidden in walls, floors and ceilings
  • Water Meters – to check for water volumes being lost from your system
  • Tracer Gas – using a safe, inert gas to ‘sniff’ for leaks in pipes, including under floors
  • Visual Inspection – utilising their trained eye and understanding of leaks

Water Leak Detection Services - York & Yorkshire
Water Leak Detection Services – York & Yorkshire

Once we’ve traced your leak, we may need to access it to confirm its exact location and to help facilitate a water leak repair, which we can help with if needed. We may install a temporary fix if required, to prevent any further damage to your home or business property. We will discuss this with you at the time.

We don’t just stop once we have found one leak, we complete additional checks to see if there are any other leaks in your property, as sometimes there’s more than one. This helps to give assurance that there isn’t another leak in your property at that time.

As well as being leak detection experts, we are the UK’s leading fire and flood damage management company so we can help assess and explain damage to your property caused by leaks. If your property requires drying, we can help with that too if you wish.

We work with some of the UK’s leading insurance companies, delivering this service to them and their customers. They trust us to deliver an excellent service and so can you.

All our staff are fully trained, experienced, based locally and have undergone an extensive vetting process, giving you peace of mind. Above all, we offer a friendly and reliable service to our customers, and will work with you and explain the process throughout.

Damp and Moisture Services

As the UK’s leading water damage company, Rainbow Restoration is very experienced at helping to resolve damp and moisture issues in properties. Not only in drying properties with our specialist drying equipment and remote monitoring devices, but also in identifying the causes of the damp or moisture.

We understand that problems with damp and moisture can be caused by many different factors (sometimes in combination) and that each case is different. Accordingly, we tailor our bespoke service to each property, considering all the things unique to that home or business.

Because we are not a damp-proofing company, we are not looking to sell you a solution that may not be required in your property. You can trust us to give an impartial view.

Damp and Mould - Surveys, York and Yorkshire
Damp and Mould – Surveys

Damp and Moisture Survey Methods

  • Moisture Mapping – with various, highly-sensitive moisture and damp meters
  • Salts Analysis – to test the moisture for sulphates and nitrates to help classify the water
  • Water Leak Evidence – all our technicians are trained leak detection engineers
  • Penetrating Damp – causing external moisture to enter the property
  • Rising Damp – from ground-based moisture rising through the fabric of the building
  • Structural Issues – that may also be a cause of some of the things above
  • Environmental Factors – including ventilation within that could be a contributing factor
  • Condensation – which is a surprisingly common cause and is often mistaken for damp
  • Water Damage Caused – and importantly, how to best remedy them effectively

Condensation & Moisture Meters - York, Yorkshire
Condensation & Moisture Meters

We know that with damp and moisture, often there are issues with mould in a house too and we can help with that. We offer a full end-to-end mould service, including removal if that is required. On top of that, we offer a biohazard service which is especially beneficial when sewage cleaning is involved.

As well as being experienced in damp and mould services, we are also the UK’s leading fire and flood damage management company so we can help assess and explain damage to your property caused by the damp too. If your property requires drying, we can help with that also if required.

Mould Remediation Services
Mould Remediation Services – Local

Mould Remediation Services

Rainbow Restoration has a range of mould services that we offer, all designed to deal with mould problems effectively and safely in homes and businesses across the region.

All our front-line staff are trained in mould remediation and, importantly, we don’t just focus on mould removal, we look at the causes of mould too. This helps to provide a better, and more long-term solution rather than a temporary one. Otherwise, mould removed may return.

We are also aware of the health implications of mould problems, and carry out our work with careful, proven, safe methods and products to keep everyone involved safe. We understand that mould can be a frustrating and unsightly problem to deal with but we are here to help you. We understand what causes mould and can help track down the source of the problem.

As part of this service, we often utilise an air scrubber to help safely clean the air or ozone air managers. We discuss this more in our really useful articles explaining about air quality meters.

Damp and Mould - Removal, York and Yorkshire
Damp and Mould – Removal

Our Mould Service Includes:

  • Air Quality Monitoring –for the impact of mould on the indoor environment
  • Environmental Humidity – in the air that can contribute to mould growth problems
  • Structural Damp & Moisture – in the fabric of the building that can cause mould
  • Building Inspections – to check for factors, such as ventilation, that can lead to mould
  • Leak Detection – checking for water leaks that can contribute to mould problems
  • Mould Removal – the treatment of mould with specialist, approved antimicrobials
  • Mould Testing – if required, testing the mould spores to see what strain they are
  • Mould Reporting – combining the above to help share findings and recommendations

Regarding humidity, mould and condensation – we have a guide on how to reduce humidity.

Water Damage - Mould, York and Yorkshire
Water Damage – Mould

We provide this service to domestic and commercial customers including homeowners, landlords, tenants, property managers, housing associations, local councils and hospitality.

#We understand that every property is different so we tailor our service to both your needs and the style, structure and design of your property. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution!

Biohazard & Trauma Scene Cleaning

As the UK’s leading property damage company, Rainbow Restoration frequently needs to deal with hazardous materials and substances in the work we do in people’s properties. As a result, we have developed a range of biohazard, virus & trauma scene services available to customers.

We understand such issues can be challenging, sensitive and unpleasant to deal with. They also carry health and safety risks for all parties involved and require specialist, professional knowledge, training and equipment to both mitigate these risks and provide a safe solution.

This is a wide-ranging service covering many aspects of biohazard, and associated services. Each of these has their own system of work and health and safety checks, including a bespoke risk assessment, tailored for each specific project and type of work to protect all parties.

Cleaning Services - Biohazard, York and Yorkshire
Cleaning Services – Biohazard

Our Biohazard, Virus & Trauma Scene Work Includes:

  • Crime Scene Cleaning – after a crime or trauma scene occurrence at a property
  • Virus Cleans – following an outbreak of a virus, including Covid-19 cleaning
  • Blood Clean up – after an incident where a person (or an animal) has bled or died
  • Bodily Fluids – including substances such as urine and vomit (including pathogens)
  • Sewage Cleaning – from either a sewer pipe / toilet leak or an accident
  • Needle Sweeps – checking for and removing needles and drug paraphernalia
  • Hoarder Cleaning – including waste removal services at properties
  • Hygiene Tests – how clean an area is, utilising ATP swab tests (including hospitality)

On the subject of unpleasant things, we have a great guide on how to unblock a toilet.

Crime Scene Cleaning Services - York and Yorkshire
Crime Scene Cleaning Services

We understand that such incidents can be difficult and sensitive to deal with so we will help you through that and do so with the utmost discretion. We use specialised and approved antimicrobial products to help remove contaminants from your property safely.

As well as dealing with biohazards, we’re the UK’s leading fire and flood damage management company so we can help assess damage to your property caused by the incident too. If your property requires drying, for example after a sewer pipe leak, we can help to remedy the damage too.

York Landlords Service Provider
York Residential Landlords Association – Recognised Service Provider

Asbestos Services – Testing & Removal

As the UK’s leading fire and flood damage management company, Rainbow Restoration are familiar with the risks posed by potential asbestos substances in buildings. As a result, we offer an asbestos testing and removal service to domestic and commercial customers in the area.

Asbestos is a hazardous material which was historically used in a range of construction materials in properties, especially those pre-dating the year 2000 as it was banned in the UK towards the end of 1999. All our technicians are trained in asbestos awareness and testing, so they know what to look out for as potential asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

If you suspect you have asbestos in your property and would like advice, we can help. We can inspect and test suspected materials safely and, if it is identified as being positive for asbestos, share the details of what type of asbestos you have and, if needed, help with the safe removal of the substances from your home or business. We’ll also help keep the area safe beforehand.

Asbestos Testing and Removal Services - York, Yorkshire
Asbestos Testing and Removal Services

Areas and substances which may contain asbestos:

  • Textured Coated Ceilings – sometimes know, as ‘Artex’, patterned or ‘Popcorn’ ceilings
  • Floor Tiles – including various thermoplastic, vinyl or ‘Marley’ tiles in properties
  • Bitumen – including that used to adhere / seal tiles to the floor (including concrete)
  • Insulation – including loose fill asbestos insulation or asbestos insulation boarding (AIB)
  • Cement – including on roofing, often seen on sheds, outbuildings or garages
  • Textiles – including, for example, fire blankets or heat-proof materials etc.
  • Other Materials – other fixtures and fittings including boarding, panes and lagging.

Asbestos Services
Asbestos Services and Substances

These can contain various forms of asbestos including – Chrysotile Asbestos (commonly known as ‘white’ asbestos), Crocidolite Asbestos (‘blue’ asbestos), Amosite Asbestos (‘brown’ asbestos). And also other types, including Tremolite, Actinolite and Anthophyllite asbestos.

As well as helping with asbestos, we’re also the UK’s leading fire and flood damage management company so we can help with damage to your property, for example a leak through an asbestos ceiling.

Fire and Flood – Top Tip
“When someone has a fire at their property and the fire brigade is called out to help extinguish the fire, this can actually mean you are dealing with fire and flood damage because of the amount of water it can take to put a bad fire out. Thankfully, we do fire and flood damage work and so can help with both!”

Leak Detection Team

Specialist Cleaning Services

As well as being the UK’s leading property damage company, Rainbow Restoration also offers a range of accompanying specialist cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers.

Our trained and experienced staff are experts in dealing with a range of challenging cleaning situations, utilising professional cleaning equipment and solutions, following health & safety practices. Before any work, we always complete a risk assessment to help protect all involved.

We offer a range of services to various sectors including construction, hospitality (including hotels & restaurants), industrial, retail, property services (including landlords & letting agents), medical (including nursing homes and hospitals) and a range of other companies.

Rainbow International - Specialist Cleaning, York and Yorkshire
Rainbow Restoration – Specialist Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning Services we provide include:

  • Builders Cleans – after or during construction work or maintenance at a property
  • Carpet & Floor Cleaning – of various flooring surfaces in homes or businesses
  • Jet Washing – including buildings, driveways, patios and outdoor structures
  • High Access Cleaning – both internally and externally in or around properties
  • Graffiti Removal – to remove unsightly graffiti from buildings or structures
  • Deep Cleaning – including property (including hoarder) clearances and waste disposal
  • Furniture Restoration – including French polishing repairs from fire or water damage
  • Odour Control – removal of unpleasant, bad or persistent smells

We also like to provide useful help and advice, including our article about Christmas fire safety – which has a number of tips to keep you safer in the winter months. We also have a recently published guide to what could be causing a leak from washing machine.

As well as the specialist cleaning services listed above, we also offer a range of other services to these, including water leak detection (trace & access) mould inspections, mould removal, damp & moisture services, biohazard & trauma scene, and asbestos testing & removal services.

Specialist Cleaning Service Range
Specialist Cleaning Service Range
Rainbow Restoration Leak Detection
Rainbow Restoration – Leak Detection

At Rainbow Restoration – York & Yorkshire Coast we are experts in Fire and Flood restoration and in Leak Detection and also Water Damage Restoration, so if you need help finding a water leak or getting your property back to normal after fire and floods, get in touch with our friendly local team who will be happy to help you with this. We are based in York and help find water leaks in York.

Leak Detection Logo
Leak Detection Logo

What is fire and flood?

Leak Detection Logo - Small

Fire and flood work in the damage management industry usually refers to fire and flood restoration, associated with property fires (including smoke damage repairs too) and flooding (which can also include major water leaks). Fire and flood restoration work is a skilled profession, with specialist training required to carry out the work effectively and efficiently. We are the UKs leading fire and flood experts.

Do you get fire and flood happening together?

Leak Detection Logo - Small

Yes, it is not unusual for fire and flood restoration work to go together, one can be linked to the other. For example, if you have a fire and the fire brigade need to douse the flames with their hoses / hosepipes this can put a lot of water in the property meaning that fire and flood restoration are both required. Fire and flood restoration can also go together the other way around. If you get a flood or water leak, it can cause issues with electrics which can possibly start a fire meaning fire and flood restoration can be needed there too.

Who provides Fire and Flood Restoration?

Rainbow Restoration are the UK’s leading fire and flood restoration company with over 50 locations across the country covering their local areas. As well as fire and flood, we also provide a number of additional service including leak detection, damp and condensation services, mould remediation, asbestos testing services and a range of specialist cleaning services. So if you need fire and flood restoration or other services, contact us.