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Leak Detectors – Best Ways to Find a Water Leak

As experienced, skilled Trace and Access experts, we utilise a range of professional leak detectors which, in the hands of a skilled technician help to maximise the chances of finding water leaks in homes and businesses, doing commercial leak detection in the local area.

In this article we will look at one of the best leak detectors used very widely in finding water leaks and by water damage management services, moisture meters. We will give a demonstration on how they can be an effective leak detector, but also explain how they work with and complement a range of other leak finding devices we utilise.

Leak Detectors Various
Leak Detectors – Various Devices

Leak Detectors – Moisture Meters

We have written previously about how moisture meters work to help with the work we do on damp and mould problems. Professional moisture meters are an essential pieces of kit in the armoury of a leak detection specialist such as those in our local team. They use them on a wide variety of tasks but also as leak detectors.

In the demonstration video below, we show how a non-invasive moisture meter (this time a Tramex Moisture Meter) can locate moisture from a water leak or damp even though there are no visible signs of the moisture on the surface of the material, this time simulating a potential of a water leak in flooring:

Here is the video of the test from our YouTube Channel:

As you can see in the test, the moisture meter worked as an excellent leak detector finding even a very small amount of moisture in just a few seconds. In this instance it was relative moisture readings that were taken, comparing moisture readings in each of the six sections of the wood (MDF this time). We discuss moisture meters in our guide to remote monitoring systems.

Relative moisture meter readings help to compare dry readings (controls) to areas where moisture is high, which can be in proximity to the water leak we are looking for. This can then help to direct other leak detectors to be utilised to provide supporting evidence – more on that next!

Tramex Moisture Meter
Tramex Moisture Meter

Other Leak Detectors

As we just mentioned, moisture meters are just one of the professional leak detectors we use. They are highly sensitive devices which are calibrated to give accurate readings which is essential. We also use a variety of different moisture meters designed for different purposes, locations, surfaces and materials.

As well as moisture meters, here are some other devices we use to help as leak detectors:

These can help with a variety of water leaks, include a water leak under houses. We mention about acoustic leak detection in our article about Christmas water leaks which provides some useful information and tips.

Leak Detector Tools
Leak Detectors – Other Tools

The great thing about using a range of leak detectors is that not only are they good at finding different types of water leak in various materials but they also work well together. Often we will get a manifestation shown on one device but then this is backed up by evidence from others.

For example, an acoustic leak detector might highlight the sound of a water leak in a concrete floor then we’ll get a thermal imaging camera out of the kit bag to see if that shows it too. This is especially useful for central heating leaks with pipes underground, perhaps when someone has their boiler pressure dropping or have an underfloor heating water leak.

The great thing about both of these leak detectors is that they both (like the example in the video above) work on things that cannot be seen or heard with the human eye or ears.

Where Leak Detectors Work

Because water leaks can be found in many parts of a property there are a large number of locations and materials that we can be looking for leaks and moisture meter leak detectors can work on all of them.

Leak Detector Locations
Leak Detector – Locations Used

This includes the following:

Leak Detectors – Conclusion

We’re sure you’ll agree that as far as leak detection devices go, moisture meters are very versatile, accurate and efficient at helping to find water leaks. Not only can they indicate the location of a leak but can give supporting information to help with information provided by other water leak detection equipment.

But also, as we have said, they are not a single bit of kit to use that finds all water leaks on it’s own. Nothing does that. These devices are best used in conjunction with other tools, devices and very importantly the experience and trained eye of a leak detection expert.

We can help to find a plumbing leak even if your plumber cannot find it – in fact we do a lot of work for local plumbers in the York & Yorkshire Coast area.

Leak Detectors – Top Tip
“There is no one single magic leak detector to find all water leaks and, even then, they are best utilised by a skilled leak detection engineer working to a bespoke system and tailored to the property where the water leak detection is being carried out. That helps to increase success rates greatly”

Leak Detection Team

Leak Detectors – Other Useful Information

Here are a few other articles related to this subject that you may find useful to review too:

If you have a water leak contact our friendly and experienced team for help.

Rainbow Restoration Leak Detection
Rainbow Restoration – Leak Detection

What is a leak detector used for?

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A leak detector is usually the name given to one of many types of leak detection devices used to find water leaks in properties. This can include – moisture meters, thermal imaging devices, acoustic listening devices, pipe locators and more. They work together in the hands of a leak detection specialist, like us to help maximise the chances of finding a water leak and to evaluate the damage caused.

Is there a device to detect water leaks?

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There are many devices that can help to detect water leaks and local leak detection companies like us have many of them, they work effectively together to help pinpoint a water leak in your home or business, especially in the hands of a trained leak detection engineer. Although a single device can give information to indicate a leak, it is best to utilise a range of devices for various situations.

What’s the best leak detector?

There is no single best leak detector that we use in the water leak detection process. There are a variety of different types of water leak and so the best water leak detector will depend on what type it is, alongside the layout and construction of the property. Even then, it is likely that a number of devices will be used in conjunction with each other and to compliment each other effectively.

At Rainbow Restoration – York & Yorkshire Coast we are experts in Leak Detection, including business water leaks, so if you need help finding a water leak or getting your property back to normal after a water damage or a flood, get in touch with our friendly local team who will be happy to help you with this. We are based in York and help with water leak detection in York.

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Leak Detection Logo