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Leak Finder – 6 Leak Detection Secrets

We offer a full water leak detection service to homes and businesses across the area but what are the secrets to being an effective leak finder? We look at the secrets of a professional leak detector service like us.

In there are many things that help us be expert water leak finders, finding water leaks in even the most difficult situations. spotting things that you could not possibly see with the naked eye, but we will focus on the top 6.

Let’s look at number one on the list of choosing an effective water leak finder service.

Leak Finder - Trusted
Leak Finder – Trusted Service

1 – Trusted Leak Finder Service

When looking for a trusted leak detection service, you are in good hands with Rainbow Restoration, we are the UKs leading damage management company, specialising in Fire Damage, Flood Damage and Water Damage (including water leaks). The fact that we have experience in other areas is extremely valuable.

For example, because we are trained and experienced in asbestos testing (and awareness) if we spot suspected possible asbestos close to where we find water leaks, such as an artex ceiling, that is a big benefit, especially for health and safety reasons.

We work for many of the UK’s biggest insurance companies who trust us to provide a first class service to their customers, including finding water leaks. They trust us and so can you.

We have an excellent track record of finding water leaks, even in hidden locations. Wherever possible we will do this with non-destructive leak detection methods and will only access the leak when we are confident we have gained enough evidence to access it (where the ‘access’ in Trace and Access comes from!)

Leak Finder - Local Service
Leak Finder – Local Service

2 – Local Leak Detection Service

At Rainbow Restoration – York and Yorkshire Coast we are a local company based in York and have served local customers across the region for over 20 years. We are close to the community we serve not only in terms of proximity (meaning we can be there quicker) but also we know the area well, including the various property types.

People search for things like ‘Leak Detection Service Near Me’ for a reason, they want to use a local company and all the benefits that brings. Not someone from the other side of the country. Our local reputation is important to us and we will do everything we can to help you and respect your property at all times.

All our staff are based in the local area and are proud to serve the community they live in themselves. You can find out more on our about us page.

We offer our service in a number of local areas:

Experienced Leak Finders Yorkshire
Experienced Leak Finders

3 – Friendly and Experienced Leak Detectives

Our leak detective work begins the minute you contact us. From the very start of our service to you we aim to offer a friendly, professional and reliable service to you. You are putting your trust in us and we do everything we can do deliver a quality service to you and, above all, to help find your leak efficiently and effectively.

Our team are very experienced and undergo a strict training and vetting process. We want to make sure that the process is thorough and professional from start to finish.

Leak Finder - Detection Equipment
Leak Finder – Detection Equipment

4 – Professional Leak Detection Equipment

As well as having experienced staff, we provide them with professional leak detection equipment to help maximise the chances of finding your water leak. We use a variety of techniques including:

This helps to ensure that our onsite leak finders have a range of tools at their disposal, which can be important in challenging situations like finding a leak under a house.

Leak Finding - Process
Leak Finding – Process and Planning

5 – Bespoke Processes, Investigations and Planning

Another unique thing about our leak detection service is our bespoke and unique process, including our own tailored reporting tools and systems. These have been refined over a number of years to help improve the service and to make sure we check a wide range of things.

We don’t just find your leak and then leave you, we do other checks to help check for other leaks (we often find more than one leak!) and we also follow up with an insurance grade report for you.

We can also help speak to and deal with your insurance company should you wish.

Leak Finder - Water Damage
Leak Finder – Water Damage Management

6 – Assessing the Water Damage and Extra Services

As we said earlier, we are more than just leak finders, we offer a range of other service. Not least we are water damage management experts – not all leak detection services have this knowledge and skills.

This means that not only will we help find your leak but we will help to assess the damage to your property from the leak which can be extensive and complicated. Thankfully we are experts in this and will give you recommendations and guidance, to give you reassurance and additional information.

If needed, we can help dry and restore your property back to pre incident moisture levels.

We provide this service to domestic and business customers, with our commercial leak detection.

Leak Finder – Top Tip
“Water Leak Detection is a professional and specialist service, which when done right, is done by experienced and trained experts. Make sure you choose a company with a strong reputation and solid credentials like ourselves. After all, your home or business is precious to you and we understand that too”

Leak Detection Team

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If you have a water leak contact our friendly and experienced team for help.

Rainbow Restoration Leak Detection
Rainbow Restoration – Leak Detection

Here is a useful article explaining more about our services as a water leak detection company.

At Rainbow Restoration – York & Yorkshire Coast we are experts in Leak Detection and also Water Damage Restoration, so if you need help finding a water leak or getting your property back to normal after a water damage or a flood, get in touch with our friendly local team who will be happy to help you with this. We are based in York and help find water leaks in York.

Leak Detection Logo
Leak Detection Logo

Is there a tool that can detect a water leak?

Leak Detection Logo - Small

There is not a single tool that can find a water leak for you. Professional leak detection companies such as ourselves use a number of professional leak detectors, including thermal imaging cameras, acoustic listening devices, moisture mapping meters, borescope inspection cameras, tracer gas, pipe tracking devices and more. All work together to help locate leaks, even in hidden places not visible to the human eye.

How do you find a water leak under a floor?

Leak Detection Logo - Small

Water leaks under floors can he tricky to locate, especially in certain types of flooring and if the leak is small. That is why professional leak detection companies utilise a number of devices to find water leaks under floors and they can compliment each other. This can include – thermal imaging, acoustic leak detection, moisture meters, tracer gas and more. These all help to maximise the chance of finding under floor water leaks.

What is the best leak detection leak finder?

There is no single best leak finder device to find all water leaks. Professional leak detection companies such as ourselves use a number of specialist leak detectors and other equipment, to help maximise the chances of finding your leak. Plus, knowledge and experience is essential too. Which method is the particular leak finder on each occasion will vary according to (a) the location of the water leak (b) the type of water leak and (c) the design and layout of the property.