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Water Leak Detection Company – New Video

We are more than just a Water Leak Detection company, we provide a number of other services to our local customers in the York & Yorkshire Coast area. If you need a water leak detection company in York or the local areas around York, we can help you.

This video helps to showcase and promote some of those services that we offer.

Water Leak Detection Company – Video Script

We thought it would be interesting to share our the script for our Water Leak Detection Company ad:

  • At Rainbow Restoration, we’re experts in property damage management
  • including fire damage, flood damage and water damage.
  • We also offer other services including water leak detection.
  • So if you get home from work and spot the signs of a water leak such as a damp patch on your ceiling, but can’t see where the water is coming from, we can help with leak finding and fix the damage too.
  • Even if you think it could be coming from the bathroom above, is it the toilet, sink, shower or the bath leaking? Toilets leaking may involve sewage clean up processes.
  • Or is it a leaking water pipe between floors or walls?
  • Even if you can’t visibly see a leak are there any other possible signs, such as your boiler losing pressure?
  • Alternatively, have you had a much higher than expected water usage bill recently from your water company that might indicate a leak too?
  • Perhaps there’s mould showing up in unexpected places? We can help with that too.
  • So if you need help with water damage, a water leak, damp, mould or condensation in your home or business.
  • Contact Rainbow Restoration York & Yorkshire Coast today.

If you think you have a bathroom leak, leading to a ceiling leak, or a problem with mould on walls below get in touch with leak detection experts such as ourselves as soon as possible.

Water Leak Detection Company – Top Tip
“When you look for a water leak detection company, make sure you use someone who is reputable and trusted such as ourselves. We provide this service for some of the top UK insurance companies who trush us to deliver a quality service to their customers, helping them to find any water leaks at their properties.”

Leak Detection Team

Water Leak Detection Company – Other Services

It would be a very long video if we put all of the services we offer into it, so here are a few other services which are not mentioned in our video:

  1. Asbestos Testing & Removal
  2. Artex Ceiling Testing
  3. Crime Scene Cleaning
  4. Specialist Cleaning Services
  5. Trace and Access
  6. Remote Monitoring after Water Damage

For more information, see our page of services we offer.

Leak Detection - York & Yorkshire
Leak Detection – York & Yorkshire

Water Leak Detection Company – Areas Served

Here are the locations we operate as a water leak detection company:

One of the things we talk about in our video is when you have a bath leaking through ceiling below.

Rainbow Restoration Leak Detection
Rainbow Restoration – Leak Detection

We are experts in dealing with a range of services for people in the York and Yorkshire Coast area, so if you have been flooded, please contact our friendly team to arrange for help and guidance. We also deal with Yorkshire water leaks in local homes and businesses. Here are the local areas we cover.

At Rainbow Restoration – York & Yorkshire Coast we are experts in Leak Detection in York, including Commercial Leak Detection and also Water Damage Restoration, so if you need help finding a water leak or getting your property back to normal after a water damage or a flood, get in touch with our friendly local team who will be happy to help you with this. We are based in York and help find water leaks in York.

Leak Detection Logo
Leak Detection Logo

How much does it cost to get a leak detected?

Leak Detection Logo - Small

The cost of getting a leak detected is likely (in most instances) is to cost a few hundred pounds for a domestic property in the UK. However, this may vary according to the size of the property too – as you might expect, finding a leak in a small bungalow is very different to finding a leak in a mansion or factory! Plus, if your water leak is outside your property, this can be more costly too. Remember this may be paid for by your insurance company if you have the right cover on your policy, we can help with managing that.

How are water leaks detected?

Leak Detection Logo - Small

There are may ways that leak detection companies such as ourselves find water leaks in properties and this will depend on the type of leak. That said, some of the more common methods include – visual inspections, thermal imaging, acoustic leak detection, tracer gas leak detection, moisture mapping, water pipe tracing, borescope cameras and more. We provide all of these leak detection services.

Who looks for water leaks?

If you are looking for someone to help locate or look for a water leak in your home or business, then a water leak detection company like ourselves can help greatly. We are leak detection specialists in York and the surrounding area. Our engineers can help you locate water leaks in your property using specialist leak detectors and other tools and equipment. All of our staff are trained, accredited and can be trusted to help find your leak efficiently.