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Water Leak Detection Services

As part of our professional local leak detection service, we use a wide range of specialist techniques, using specialist tools and equipment designed to maximise the chances of finding your leak as effectively and accurately. Wherever possible we focus on using non-destructive leak detection tools wherever possible to help protect your property.

Water Leak Detection - York & Yorkshire Coast
Water Leak Detection – York & Yorkshire Coast

Our Leak Detection Engineers follow our tried and trusted process to help maximise the chances of finding your water leak. They will also refine and tailor this to your unique property, taking into consideration it’s design, construction and layout. When it comes to water leak detection, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution so make sure you use a service like ours.

If you have a water leak at your property, or think you might have, we can help. Contact our friendly local team for help today.

Trusted Leak Detection
Trusted Leak Detection Company

Our Water Leak Detection Specialist Services

Thermal Imaging - Water Leak Detection
Thermal Imaging – Water Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a very effective tool in the professional Leak Detection process, to see things hidden to the human eye.

Moisture Meter - Water Leak Detection York & North Yorkshire
Moisture Meter – Water Leak Detection

Moisture Meters

Our Leak Detection engineers use a wide range of professional moisture meters to find water leaks in all materials.

Tracer Gas - Water Leak Detection York & North Yorkshire
Tracer Gas – Water Leak Detection

Tracer Gas

Tracer Gas Leak Detection is a very useful service to find even the smallest of water leaks in your property, even hidden ones.

Acoustic-Listening-Water-Leak-Detection York & North Yorkshire
Acoustic Listening – Leak Detection


Our Acoustic Leak Detection equipment listens out for the distinctive sounds of a water leak that our engineers can spot.

Boiler Pressure Dropping - Water Leak Detection, York North Yorkshire
Boiler Pressure Loss – Leak Detection

Boiler Pressure

A Boiler Losing Pressure can be a sign of a water leak in your home. Our Leak Detection engineers find them regularly in properties.

Damp Survey - Water Leak Detection. York, North Yorkshire.
Damp Survey – Water Leak

Damp Surveys

The water lost in a water leak often leaves tell-tale signs of damp in a property. We look for those signs to help find leaks.

Commercial Leak Detection
Commercial Leak Detection

Leak Detection Specialists

Commercial Water Leak Detection Service

As well as domestic leak detection, we also offer a comprehensive Commercial Water Leak Detection service across the York & Yorkshire Coast area. We know how disruptive water leaks can be for businesses so we will help solve your problem efficiently and effectively. Contact us to discuss this further.

Many local businesses trust us to do their water leak detection and water damage management services.

Water Leak Detection – Locations

We can find leaks in many different types of locations, including:

  • Water Leak in Floors – in concrete floors, under floorboards, tiles etc (including underfloor heating).
  • Water Leak in Walls – behind plaster, in cavities, under insulation, boarding etc.
  • Water Leak in Ceiling – including water leaks in lofts, between floors in homes and businesses.
  • Water Leak in Plumbing bathroom leak, toilets, ensuites, utility rooms and kitchens.
  • Water Leak in Central Heating System – from various types of pipes and distribution systems.
  • Water Leak in Basement – from both fresh / tap water, waste water and sewer pipe leaks.
  • Underfloor heating leaks – which requires specialist tools and equipment
  • Leak Under Houses – which can also be challenging to resolve
  • Water Leak Under Sinks – which aren’t always east to locate
  • Water Leaks Outside – leaks in outdoor pipes or mains water feeds to properties.
  • Water Leaks in Apartments / Flats – working with landlords, tenants and property managers.
  • Commercial Leak Detection – in a range of different business types across many sectors.
  • Water Leak in New Builds or Old Properties – tailored to the design and layout of the property

Depending on what type of water leak you have, and the type of property, we will optimise our leak detection company service to your individual needs, using different professional leak detectors according to these factors. This also considers different materials, on that, see our article about damp plaster, wood and concrete or the location, like when a borescope camera or a thermal imaging inspection camera is handy as can our remote monitoring reports too.

York Landlords Service Provider
York Residential Landlords Association – Recognised Service Provider

All of our local leak detection engineers are trained in water and flood damage management so as well as helping to find your leak, they will assess and evaluate the damage to your property caused by the leak over time. We also provide useful information on our leak detection company blog, which includes useful articles, including one on how to unblock a toilet and another really useful article about artex ceilings asbestos.

For information on a more niche, specialist method to locate leaks – see our guide to Ultrasonic Leak Detection

What is the most effective leak detection method?

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

There is no single most effective water leak detection method, it depends on many factors such as the type of leak, where it is located as well as the design, layout and age of a property. Even knowing that, leak detection works best when a number of methods are used together to collect as much evidence as possible. Plus this needs to be coupled with the experienced eye of a trained leak detection technician. This will help to maximise the chances of finding your water leak.

What instrument is used for leak detection?

Moisture Meter - Water Leak Detection York & North Yorkshire

There are several different instruments used for effective leak detection. These can include moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detection, water pipe tracing, water flow meters and tracer gas. These are the most common and are often used in conjunction with each other, depending on the type of water leak you have.

How do you find a leak in a underground water pipe?

Ceiling Leak from Frozen Pipe Split in Winter from ice.

There are several ways of finding leaks underground and the method used will depend on the type of flooring, where the pipes are placed under the floor and the types of pipe (including hot and cold water pipes). Water leak detection equipment most commonly used includes – thermal imaging, borescope cameras, acoustic listening and moisture meters.

How accurate is leak detection?

Modern water leak detection can be very accurate at helping to locate a water leak in a number of locations in homes and businesses, especially when used in conjunction with each other. In many cases, the location of a water leak can be detected to within a few centimetres, even if the water leak is in a hidden location such as under a floor, wall or ceiling and even using non-destructive methods.

How do you find a water leak under concrete?

There are several ways of carrying out water leak detection under concrete, but the most effective way will depend a number factors relating to the type of water leak. Some of the most common leak detection equipment used include moisture meters (such as those made by Tramex and Protimeter), thermal imaging, acoustic listening, pipe tracking and more.


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